Our goal is to help alleviate the increasing academic inequality that has resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic. With many students falling behind with distance learning and missing out on valuable face to face time with teachers, our platform strives to offer free homework help and feedback to supplement the school curriculum. H2N will ensure that students are held accountable for their education, reaching out when they need help, and can receive the academic assistance they need, catered to their individual classes and personal questions. H2N is made up of local high school and college students, experienced working with younger students, and committed to giving back to the Scripps Ranch Community. 

Services Offered

  • Drop in tutoring sessions for four hours a day (3:30-5:30 and 5:30-7:30) Monday through Thursday in:

  • Common Core Math 6

  • Accelerated Math 6

  • Common Core Math 7

  • Accelerated Math 7

  • Common Core Math 8

  • Advanced Integrated Math 1

  • Custom, individual tutoring sessions in the subject of your choice by request (see Help for more) 

  • Essay editing submitted to us at least 6 days in advance (see Help for more) 


Anjali Koganti

Anjali, 17, is a freshman at the University of California, Los Angeles, studying Aerospace Engineering. She has been tutoring middle school students since her sophomore year of high school and has individually tutored numerous students of different ages in English, Science, Spanish, and Math. As an alumni of both Marshall Middle School and Scripps Ranch High School, her personal experience with many of the teachers and classes enable her to offer personal guidance and specific assistance to students. Her desire to make academic success accessible to as many students as possible, motivated her to cofound H2N. Outside of tutoring, Anjali enjoys Indian classical dance, embroidery, and trying new desserts in the San Diego area.

Sumana Srinivas

Sumana, a 17 year old senior at Scripps Ranch High, has extensive experience personally coaching and fostering a passion for science and technology in younger students. As the founder of a coding camp for middle school students, she single handedly hosted engaging lessons on fundamental coding concepts for over 200 students. She has also coached Science Olympiad, utilizing her knowledge from past personal wins. As someone dedicated to spreading her affinity for STEM to middle schoolers, cofounding H2N provides her with the opportunity to create a lasting impact in her community. In her free time, Sumana enjoys working on coding projects, exploring San Diego, and reading.


Oishi Bhattacharya

Oishi Bhattacharya is a senior at Scripps Ranch High School. Having previously attended Marshall Middle School, Oishi is excited to revisit the academic concepts that initiated her passion for math and science. She loves working with kids, especially students from Marshall, and has prior experience doing so from coaching them in the Science Olympiad. She is excited to spread her love for education through H2N and hopes to contribute to the students' academic prosperity. Oishi’s favorite subjects include Biology and Calculus, and she strives to major in molecular biology. Her hobbies include baking, practicing Indian classical dance, and hanging out with friends.

Jasmine Hubbard

Jasmine, 17, is a senior at Scripps Ranch High School. She has experience working with and tutoring middle school students in many subjects, including English, essay editing, and math. Her experience as a teacher’s assistance at Marshall Middle School provides insight into quality learning and teaching as well. As a tutor, she hopes to help students reach their academic potential and inspire them to work hard. In her free time, Jasmine loves to dance and choreograph, paint, and explore San Diego!

Pia Kapoor

Pia Kapoor, 19, is a sophomore at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, studying Biology. She is also a member of the 7-Year Accelerated Medical Program with New Jersey Medical School. As a peer tutor at Scripps Ranch High School for three years, tutoring other students in subjects including English, Math, Science, and Spanish, she acquired many hours of experience and helped increase students’ academic preparedness. Throughout middle and high school, Pia participated in Science Olympiad, which kindled her passion for STEM, and she hopes to share this passion with the students she tutors. Outside of her academic interests, Pia enjoys singing, volunteering for Alzheimer's San Diego, and spending time with friends.

Hannah Lee

Hannah Lee, 17, is a senior at Scripps Ranch High School. Her favorite subject is English and she is very excited to share this passion with MMS students. Hannah has participated in multiple academic activities outside of school, including Science Olympiad throughout middle school and high school. She has also coached MMS students for Science Olympiad. She hopes that as a tutor she can help students feel prepared and confident in their classes. In her free time, Hannah enjoys spending time with her dog and family and trying out new brunch spots.

Sarah Munoz

Sarah, 19, is a sophomore at the University of California, Los Angeles, studying Linguistics and Philosophy with a minor in Cognitive Science and a specialization in Computing. She has mentored peers in numerous subjects throughout her academic career and has experience tutoring students of all ages. Throughout high school and now college, she has participated in a variety of clubs and organizations to help promote educational equality and foster an educational community. She loves learning and sharing this joy with others. In her free time she enjoys reading, playing badminton, and spending time with family. 

Derek Phan

Derek is a 17 year old senior at Scripps Ranch High School (SRHS), and has a passion for science and math, and loves teaching. Derek is the Drill Teams Commander for the SRHS AFJROTC CA-935th Unit, and has learned a variety of skills such as leadership and coaching. He volunteers at many community and school events as a student and as a cadet. He is also part one of nine cadets that manages the whole unit, which is composed of more than 180 students. As a certified Water Safety and Swim Instructor, he has also gained experience teaching swimmers of a variety of ages, including toddlers, teenagers, and everything in between. Derek dedicates most of his time to his AFJROTC unit, but he loves to play the piano and has certifications from the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Nivedita Rethnakar

Nivedita Rethnakar is a junior at Del Norte High School. She has many hours of experience tutoring students in STEM at The Elementary Institute of Science, The Russian School of Mathematics, and Del Norte’s Education in Action club. Through H2N, she hopes to share her passion for math with her tutees, enabling them  to reach their maximum academic abilities and build their confidence in problem solving. Outside of tutoring, Nivedita enjoys swimming competitively,  painting, and biking around San Diego.

Amy Tran

Amy Tran, 17, is a senior at Scripps Ranch High School. She has extensive experience from personally tutoring a range of students from the elementary to high school level in International Baccalaureate, private school, and public school curriculums. With her passion in mathematics, she hopes to break down the daunting quality and quantity of academia aligned with Marshall Middle School’s coursework by dissecting information piece by piece with students. Amy volunteers for the VA San Diego Healthcare System, sews masks for Sharp Memorial healthcare workers and local organizations, and has an active role in SRHS’s wide variety of clubs.